To All Coaches
Just a note to all Players /Coaches hoping that everyone is enjoying the little Mini Season of “footie “so far and staying safe & healthy during this unusual time of COVID19.
As a league we must remain vigilant and look out for one another even in the rush of being competitive while playing the game we love.
Therefore it must be stated especially with the Fall season change rolling in that any Player/s not feeling well, flu like symptoms etc …must remove themselves from any games to be played and STAY AWAY if you know you are sick and especially if you test positive for COVID19 .
Notification to the league is required also self quarantine for 14 days Mandatory so please take note and get the message passed on to all Players within your specific teams.
We can get through this with minimal circumstances that impact all involved and stay healthy within the guidelines , it will be up to Everyone to do their part and be the solution and not the problem.
Enjoy the games and have fun with the opportunity to be playing despite everything

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