Looking for a team
Name email contact # age experience position own transportation comments
tom tom_jbl@hotmail.com 25 Experienced Midfield Or Defense yes Looking for a team that will be playing Saturday mornings.
Neil Brown naabrown19@gmail.com 4168372039 25 Experienced - Semi-Professional in England & Wales Striker/ Winger no Myself and a friend (also a very good player) are looking for a summer 11v11 team. Preferably close to Toronto downtown, however, open to options.
I have played semi-professional in England, Wales 2nd division, and Australia 3rd Division. Training in League One Ontario, however I have had to quit that league due to the training requirements (4 times a week). My friend has played for his University first team, and is a technically great CM or defender.
Luis Ernesto Rojas luise465@hotmail.com 4168795167 30 1 year in High School and 1 entry in a 5-a-side Tournament Forward yes
James McManus jamesmcmanus23@gmail.com 4379992356 31 Intermediate Anywhere on the left side or striker no Looking a team downtown or on the west side south of bloor
jerome bennett jeone.frost@gmail.com 4163711397 21 Amateur - / Coaching at rep and house league level center midfield / defensive midfield no I have been coaching for two years and would like to get back in the game
Derek Neves derekneves@me.com 3062418040 25 Haven\'t played since highschool...lol Midfield yes Still love the game and just moved to Toronto, looking for something to keep me moving close to Dufferin and Lawrence
Mo Chibli mchibli87@gmail.com 514 996 9713 29 Advanced Left Wing or Central yes Been playing soccer forever. Moved to Toronto from Montreal. Looking for a team so i can help to finish on top!
Olufiropo Onala onalaropo@gmail.com 6479783693 22 College soccer Forward no
Sejad aubi sejadaubi@hotmail.com 4168550955 26 Semi pro Wing/striker yes Looking for a competitive exp.
Better to contact by email
Abdul badunet50@yahoo.com 6475734223 22 Competitive AMF yes
Sarah Thompson thompson.se2@gmail.com 6478303556 28 9 years, all recreational. Various 7 and 11 a side. Midfield or forward. Comfortable anywhere. no Looking for an 11 a side women\'s team for thr summer season if possible. Ideally with most of the games on the east side (I noticed cherry beach is listed for example). I\'m pretty flexible, and a seasoned transit user!
Im new to Toronto and looking to join a team that needs an extra person.
Lookong forward to hearing from you.
Mike Beider mikhail.beider@gmail.com 4168305108 33 Advanced defence yes looking to join a team for the summer, outdoor, preferably in a 6v6 or 7v7 league
Yves Makunga makunga_yves@yahoo.ca 4162822209 19 8 years left wings or right wings no
Miles Campbell campbellmfd@gmail.com 2266886796 22 Advanced/ Comeptitive Right back/ Striker no I\'ve been playing for basically my whole life. New to the city and need a team. Looking for League 2 or 1 preferably.
Julio Perez julio.p.perez95@gmail.com 6475709005 22 High school Left wing yes
Taylor taylor.stuart28@gmail.com 6473813923 26 Advanced Sweeper, Defensive Midfield yes Have two other friends of similar level looking for a team. Positions are
Outside midfield, central midfield, sweeper.
Aakrit Kunwar aakrit754@hotmail.com 21 High school Team, Playing since I was in 8th grade. Right back, Center mid. no Can use public transport.
Meron meron.isiet@gmail.com 647-642-8292 34 15 years Goalie yes
Alex alex.loss@tiscali.it 6477203518 31 Expert Midfielder yes
Amer obeidamer@hotmail.com 5196366932 33 20 Forward yes I was playing in edmonton Alberta div 2 but am newly shift to toronto since 2 month
ikiouane ryadh rianegeorgesikiouane@gmail.com 6475183681 34 Competitive sweeper ( libero ) no I want to joint a team with my friend Doyari yarisson elvis who is also register to look for team
thank you .
Elvis Doyari Yarisson ferlys@hotmail.fr 6477810665 26 competitif offense wing or defense, striker no I want to joint the Team with my Friend Riyadh George who also register to look for a team.
Daniel daniel@riseofthebrand.com 6474091187 39 high striker yes I have 2 friends and myself that are experienced and wish to play in an Etobicoke league if possible. Do you have any leagues in Etobicoke and what would the times and schedules be for these leagues? Thanks, Daniel
patrick GALVIN patrickgalvin91@hotmail. om 6472670640 26 recreational defender no looking to join a team downtown in division 3 or 4. please feel free to contact me if there is any team short.
Warren WhiteKnight wrwhiteknight@gmail.com 6133763690 33 A/ Level 1 Midfield/Defensive wing yes
Graham Eve wo.g.eve@gmail.com 8077383764 28 Beginner Defence yes
Richie richie.citta@gmail.com 2267917790 31 Advanced Mid yes
david bedas20@hotmail.com 4162195653 30 premier - provincial level def or attacking mid yes Age 8-15 played Markham lightning primer and provincial levels. After played in high-school, then university, division 1 indoor at the hanger for fun for past 5 years.
Hana Mumin hanamumin16@gmail.com 6479649590 19 Competitieve Forward no
Michael mkorovni@gmail.com 647-773-3261 32 7 years Left wing and Left Defense. yes Hello, I am looking to join a competitive team.I am 6 feet 200 lbs athletic build. I am a team player who enjoys a position of aggressive defense and a supportive role of the forwards.
thank you,,,
Keon sneakplugrich@gmail.com 4167262133 24 High level Striker/left middle field no Please give me a call
Carter Gibson crtrgbsn@gmail.com 4169923690 23 Intermediate Center Midfield no
David Kim nakkim84@yahoo.ca 6472196012 32 4 yes
Phil philipmurrayy2p@yahoo.com 647 880 7454 tssl premier division centre half no 3 friends and myself looking for a team, 1st or 2nd division. we have all played various levels of tssl from premier league down. former teams Toronto Celtic and QPI. Goalkeeper, centre mid, winger/forward and centre half.
Josh Phillips phillips.josh10@gmail.com 4168922955 I have played in academies throughout highschool and have played both competitive and recreational over the last 7 years Central mid, right back yes
Steven Hodson stevenjhodson@gmail.com 4168754739 36 Intermediate (Played from age 6 to 18) Defence, but flexible yes Looking for a social, but competitive league/team ideally in the South Etobicoke area that plays regular outdoor soccer.
Josh Phillips phillips.josh10@gmail.com 4168922955 21 I have played in academies throughout highschool and have played both competitive and recreational over the last 7 years Central mid, right back yes
Tom tom_jbl@hotmail.com 6476256964 25 Experienced CDM , DEF , WNG yes Looking for a team that is going to play Sundays. Not able to commit to weekday practices due to work schedule
Todd Copland tcopland@northamrealty.com 416-845-7151 52 always played midfield/fullback yes
Himanshu Badhan himanshub81@gmail.com 6478327668 35 amateur Any yes I used to play a while back as a mid field but has been a couple of years since i played. I want to resume so wondering if there is an opening in any beginner\'s league.
Alex Hume alexanderdhume@gmail.com 6478826624 29 Played last year in Div 2 or 3, have played competitive men\'s in Toronto and Calgary D or outside midfield yes Looking for a team along with two friends who play midfield/defence as well. We are late 20\'s, one in early 30s in good shape with good defensive instincts. Team from last season has disbanded mostly because of age disparity (most players now master\'s level). Looking to join a team in Div 2.
Rob Lang rwlang711@gmail.com 6474598287 26 Experienced RB/CM/CB no Strong level of experience, predominantly looking for weeknights - played level 8&9 on UK pyramid, but a few years out of that competitiveness. I\'m located in downtown core.
Aubrey Jesseau aubreyjesseau@gmail.com 6474565769 28 D1-D2 Left mid, right mid yes Grew up playing rep, played football at the University of Waterloo (wide receiver). Have played indoor/outdoor on and off since moving to Toronto. Played indoor last season. Fairly fast and can run all day.
Jose Idrobo jaidrobo@hotmail.com 2898900165 23 Moderate Centre back, right back, left back yes
Huub Van Kessel huubvkessel@gmail.com 6474566086 29 Intermediate (Holland) 20 years of experience. Sweeper/stopper/left defender yes
Huub Van Kessel huubvkessel@gmail.com 6474566086 29 Intermediate (Holland) 20 years of experience. Stopper/sweeper//left back yes
Carlos Lopez carloslopez559@gmail.com 4164536552 40 Advanced Midfielder/ forward yes
Lacey Bain teageekery@yahoo.ca 9026708422 27 University Defense/Sweeper/Midfield no I am looking for a more competitive Co-ed team(s). I will be in school until August so would prefer a team(s) that played Thursday night/Friday/Saturday/Sunday if at all possible! I would be willing to work around week night scheduleso but would have to miss some games!
I look forward from hearing from you soon,
Naren narenswamy@hotmail.com 226-975-7772 27 Div 2-4 Midfield or Striker no I used to play in the Fraser Valley League in Vancouver, BC. I just moved a little less than a year ago to TO and now I am looking to desperately get out on the pitch and start kicking the ball around.
James parkerjames.f@gmail.com 2508994199 25 Several years in div 2 and 3, indoor and outdoor midfield/striker yes
Logan McCaskill marian_gaborik10@hotmail.com 7057904754 25 Years of Rep/OYSL experience, looking to get back into it Any yes
omar tamuri omar.tamuri@gmail.com 647 225 5533 24 foward yes Can play any positions except keeper.
Leonard Oswago oswagolenny@yahoo.com 289-600-7733 25 all my life central defensive midfielder yes
Ange Nathanael Djacoure angenathanael@yahoo.fr 6479947609 22 all my life central defensive midfielder yes
Michael Marcucci michaeljamarcucci@gmail.com 9056990874 22 Played my whole life, played OYSL during rep Midfied yes I have a few other buddies of comparable skill to me looking to find a team to play with!
Oscar Arrieta oscararrieta10@gmail.com 6132042906 26 Competitive, Ex-varsity player Winger/Striker yes Looking to play in the Top league
Keon tappin sneakplugrich@gmail.com 4167262133 24 Striker/left middle field yes
Gerry blessinjah@hotmail.ca 647-550-3926 Played all me life Wings yes Quality player vision and control
Thomas Waschenfelder twaschenfelder@gmail.com 416 500 5764 27 Sherwood Park Rangers U18 Full back yes
Nick Morimanno nick.morimanno@live.ca 613-327-2537 23 Mens prem attacking midfield yes I just moved to Toronto from Ottawa and I am looking to continue playing a high level of soccer
Pedro Nery pedronery00@gmail.com 4167209130 24 Semi Professional Center Mid yes
Manes manaspaul80@gmail.com 6474727097 21 7 year cm,cdm no love playing soccer
Samuel Vince samuel_vince@hotmail.com 2896961152 22 Semi-professional (CSL Reserves) Goalkeeper yes Im new to toronto but have 19 years of goalkeeping experience. I used to play for the CSL Reserves for Niagara United. Looking for a Premier team this outdoor season.
Samuel Vince samuel_vince@hotmail.com 2896961152 22 CSL Reserves Goalkeeper yes I would like to play in the premier league
Abhay Kavaswala akavaswala@yahoo.com 6474708946 24 3 years:University, 4 years: High School Right Back/ Right wing no Can play on any position according to the teams requirements. I have an experience of 3 years playing for my University team in India.
Haris Basharat haris_06@hotmail.com 5144673677 28 Strong (First Division) Left wing yes I played competitive first division in high school and then played in University of Calgary for 3 years. Preferred position Left wing, attacking midfield.
Marios Syntetos msyntetos@hotmail.com 4167971368 26 University RB or RM yes Played regional, provincial and university level
Alberto Martinez amartinez10@outlook.com 519-400-9339 24 Played rep soccer growing up and competitive men\'s leagues in Hamilton and Kitchener previously midfield yes Looking to play somewhere in downtown/midtown Toronto
Ryan MacKellar rjmackellar@gmail.com 6472897731 27 Advanced Defense no - A solid defender who benefits from the advantage of usually being the fastest player on the pitch. Also play forward and keeper.
- Worth picking up from the nearby TTC station.
faramarz pirvalifaramarz@yahoo.com 30 division 1 goalkeeper no hello .im experienced keeper and looking for a team that can join them as a goalkeeper .i have 16 years experience in my position .im playing in los crack team but they want to change the time from sunday to friday and because of it i ant not play with them anymore .and also i have experience in 11*11. and indoor soccer .i only have time in sundays .
thank you
Juglans Alvarez juglans.alvarez@uhn.ca 6474481644 45 Medium Midfield / left no I\'m brazilian. Used to play at least once a week before moving to Canada. Midfield. Left foot. Played in some minor amateur leagues in South Brazil. There we have leagues by age. I\'m not sure how it works here.
Yusuke Miyata ysk379.skrmj@gmail.com 6478834286 21 13years SB no I\'m a ESL student from Japan.
Hamada Issa moeissa81@hotmail.com 6474016293 yes Hi I\'m looking forward.to play for a premier team this year I\'ve been playing for the past seven eight years for the tssl first division .thanks
Emilio Pastorini emiliopastorini@hotmail.com 6479226330 32 Experienced Right Winger or Center midfielder yes Hi,
My name is emilio I have recently moved to Toronto from Brasil. I, heard about the league and would like to participate but I don\'t have a team.
I play soccer regurlay since young, consistente level of game.
I eppreciage any help.
Brayden Ridley brayden.ridley@queensu.ca 1-613-985-8548 22 Competitive soccer for 10+ years. Men\'s competitive last few years Outside fullback, outside midfield I live near Spadina and Front, so I would prefer to play for a team with a practice field near downtown or easily accessible via the TTC.
Jeff Payne jeff.n.payne@gmail.com 33 CIS, OSL Central Midfield yes Still fairly fit, have the engine to do the work in the middle of the park, win & distribute the ball
Struggle to enjoy myself in 35+ leagues where players struggle to keep up
Prefer to play with others that can keep the ball, spot & make a run, play at tempo
Nick mur133@hotmail.com 416-877-3644 28 experienced / competetive midfield or defense yes looking for an outdoor team
Jon Dhama jondhama@gmail.com 4165623846 37 higest level played = rep so intermediate-pretty good? center midfield yes Strong preference towards games played at st. Michael\'s College. Also looking for weeknights.
Kyle Smith smithk8649@gmail.com 6475508649 27 Competitive Goalkeeper yes
Daniel Everett danieleverett505@gmail.com 4169974627 19 Highschool/ University Practice team Right Mid no
William machvich3@gmail.com 28 high school, college, tssl premiere div winger no Looking to join a team in premiere division
Brandon Froh brandonfroh@trentu.ca 4165317425 28 5 Years Winger no Have been playing indoor/outdoor in Sweden for the past 5 years. I\'ve been in division 5 in Sweden. Not sure how that translates here though.
Thomas Shifrer tshifrer@gmail.com 905-424-8466 27 Youth, High School, College Midfield yes I am looking for an 11-aside team to join this summer. Ultimately looking for recreational league with referees, and also potentially have another person to join me.
Dan HanniganDaley hannigandaley@gmail.com 6174156754 31 Played CIS soccer Winger/Up front yes Looking for a team in probably div 2 or 3 as I\'ve not played frequently in recent years. I am committed and fit, but do travel for work periodically so would undoubtedly miss some games. Preferably looking for a team in the west of the city.
Philip philip.schwenteck 6479099431 18 Rep & short stints in OYSL LM/CM/RM/ST yes
jack bowers jackobrfc@hotmail.co.uk 647 687 1935 25 experienced player any outfield no looking for a team as i am new to Toronto. irish
Kenji Nicks kenji.nicks@gmail.com 9053599971 24 University, Semi-Professional Defender, Midfield yes Hello,
I have just moved to Mimico and I am looking to join a soccer team. I am ideally looking for a team that plays at a relatively competitive level but that either does not hold practises or holds them once per week, as that is the most I can manage with my work schedule. If you have any teams looking for a player I would appreciate a referral. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.
Kenji Nicks
Gabriel Paiva hchpaiva@hotmail.com 647-8862504 43 Played semi professional - 15 years ago Defense yes
Recently move to Toronto, I am located in Etobicoke and willing to joint a team. I am not available during 7 am to 5:00pm Mon to Fri. I can accommodate after 5:00pm or sat and Sundays.
Shawn shawnjohal13@gmail.com 6475376350 19 Played soccer for my high school team and house league teams Midfielder (Central) yes
Josh Phillips phillips.josh10@gmail.com 4168922955 20 I have played in academies throughout highschool and have played both competitive and recreational over the last 7 years I prefer to play as an attacking midfielder but have experience in all positions yes Looking for an outdoor team for this season.
Leighton Stadnyk lstadnyk@ualberta.ca 17802973328 24 Experienced Right Back (Versatile - can play other positions) no Played competitively at a high level for 15+ years. Looking for a younger team. As I live near Yonge & Eglinton, teams that play or practice in close proximity (including downtown) are preferred.
Alexander Evans alexander_evans@hotmail.com 4169702199 23 High Level of experience midfield yes
Chris Dow chrisdow101@hotmail.com 35 High school and University teams, but not played in a few years! Right back / Defensive midfielder no \"Chris who?\"
Sir Alex Ferguson
\"How did you get my phone number?\"
Jose Mourinho
Josh Little joshlittle444@gmail.com 27 Played all my life at amateur level in Scotland then just recreationally in Australia the last 2 years. Attacking midfield no I arrive in Toronto in a week\'s time and would love to join a team, as I said I have played all my life so I\'m not a beginner but at the same time I\'m not a professional haha just somewhere inbetween.
Mellisa Ventura mellisaventura@hotmail.com 6479734448 27 Beginner Defence yes
Bruno Filipe brunofiilipe94@gmail.com 16479494710 22 Semi professional in portugal CAM yes
Sarib Mahmood saribmahmood55@gmail.com 5879665879 24 Been playing for 6 years now. DM or CB no
Ciaran Moen ciaranmoen@gmail.com 4168354604 27 Good, played all my life and for college team Centre Mid no
Richard Hyun dhyun14@gmail.com 1 437 996 9307 24 Ex-CSL/OYSL Player CB, WB, CM yes
Maher mahermortada@gmail.com 6472142157 27 Experienced Midfield yes
Andrew andrewchislett@outlook.com 30 Competent Midfield no Have played either club or rec soccer since in diapers. Haven\'t played in a couple seasons now though and looking for a team for outdoor 11v11. Prefer playing as a holding midfielder but can play wing. Living downtown at Harbourfront and use transit.
Ian Martin ianmartin514@gmail.com 5149628608 33 Played since age 6. 8 years at AA and AAA level in Quebec. Central Defense. no I\'m not sure what the competitive level in Quebec translates to here in Ontario. Above AAA is semi-pro.
I\'m looking to play at a fairly competitive level, but I\'m 33, have not played competitively for 2 years due to injuries, and would like to get back some playing fitness. I would like to play in an indoor winter league, but can wait until the summer for small (5-7 a side) or full field play.
The fields most accessible to me are: Glendon College, St. Michael\'s college, and Monarch Park. Thanks!
Yajneshvar Arumugam yajneshvar.arumugam@gmail.com 6477053918 24 intermediate right wing no
Camilo Sierra pubsierra@hotmail.com 4169395975 31 Professional Striker no Hi, I\'m new in town, I\'ve played soccer since I was 12, Played for a few semi-pro teams in Colombia, I\'d like to find a nice team to play with. thx!
Joe Gomez joegomez@rogers.com 416-319-6581 50 Intermediate Left Midfield or left back yes Have not played for 10 years instead have played adult hockey, compete in triathlons and marathons so I am fit cardio wise, no issues running and wanting to get back into playing soccer. Played OSL back in my late teens early 20\'s and outdoor leagues so am familiar with the game.
Musawer Waziri musawer25@hotmail.com 4377776928 16 intermediate CM yes
Musawer Waziri 4377776928 16 intermediate Midfield(CM) yes
Naz nazarhajee@gmail.com 28 played organized & competitive (amateur) football my whole life anywhere up front or in goal. can put in a decent shift anywhere really no cheers
Oliva phcrvg7@gmail.com 6477409848 25 Brazilian professional player Right back and miedfielder no I\'m a pro Brazilian Player and I\'m looking for a team to play indoor
Andres andreska139@gmail.com 6477616398 24 Intermediate Midfield no
Darren Perera djpera@live.ca 6477859784 21 Beginner/Recreational experience Keeper yes Played at a recreational level with close to 0 goals allowed during gameplay. Remains to be seen how that will translate to tougher competition.
Sean sho.nishi0405@gmail.com 6475248845 28 20 years/advanced winger/midfield no I am available for immediate start.
Seth Long seth@forwardventures.ca 39 20 years Striker / Mid yes
Janice j.tang766@hotmail.com (647) 501-2547 26 beginnar defense no
Alexis Murari alexismurari@hotmail.com 6477857837 16 Academy Left Wing yes
Jalal O.-T. jalal_O_T@hotmail.com 6476099244 17 TFC academy U-16,U-17 any (except GK) yes
Mayank mayankshail@gmail.com 6478836345 31 Medium Right mid yes