Name Team Status/Comment
Firat Sarioglu Imperial Strikers Suspended Until his appears
Mark Fusina 68ers Suspended until his appear
Brandon Hutley Monterey FC Suspended until his appears
Mauricio Blazquez Etobicoke Blizzard Until his appears
TJ Haughey Toronto Harps Until his appears
Kemal Kurt Bosnia FC Suspended until his appears
Rory Oniell Dave Marks FC Suspended until his appears
Richard Deacon Morton Suspended until his appear
Jerome Goldson Imperial Strikers Suspended untils his appears
Colm Murphy FC Torinos Suspended for all soccer activities
Ajdin Kajtazovic One FC Suspended 1 Game# United FC vs One FC to be played on June 21 2017
Al Almeida Green Machine 2 Games# Green Machine vs Euro United on June 19 an Green Machine vs Twente West II on June 26 2017
Tre Alexander Victoria Until his appears
Diego Padilla Melita SC Suspended until his appears
Mihal Stan Victoria Suspended Until his appear
Herman Herrera de la Rosa Amigos United FC Until his appear
Jim Morrison Snack Menu Suspended 1 Game# Twente West II vs Snack Menu on June 19 2017
Upcoming Hearings
Name Team Status/Comment
Nothing Found
Name Team Status/Comment
Tomas Lopez United FC 1 Year Probation
David Lowney Toronto Harps Probation from Sep 21 2016 to Aug 31 2017