Name Team Status/Comment
Esteban Benavides Centennial FC Suspended until his appears
Upcoming Hearings
Name Team Status/Comment
Peter Armanious Athletico Club Aug 26 2019
Andras Gaal Hungaria FTC July 29 2019
Mark O'Kane Toronto Harps Sep 11 2019
Ian Byrne Toronto Harps Sep 11 2019
Joao Paulo Pereira Islands United Sep 11 2019
Darren Bonnick Twente West Originals July 29 2019
Juan Osorio Seleccion Colombia Sep 11 2019
Joe Pagnani Euro United July 29 2019
Name Team Status/Comment
David Le Prevost Melita SC Until the end of the season
Dean Campbell ACU Jaguars Probation until the end of the season
Suspended Until His Appears
Name Team Status/Comment
Luigi Marra AC Chargers Suspended from all soccer activities