Name Team Status/Comment
Firat Sarioglu Imperial Strikers Suspended Until his appears
Tomas Lopez United FC Suspended first 4 games in Outdoor Season 2017 and 1 full year probation.
Mark Fusina 68ers Suspended until his appear
Donal Murphy Real Nomads 1 Game Suspended for Outdoor 2017
Brandon Hutley Monterey FC Suspended until his appears
Mauricio Blazquez Etobicoke Blizzard Until his appears
TJ Haughey Toronto Harps Until his appears
Kemal Kurt Bosnia FC Suspended until his appears
Victor Nucci Toronto Gunners Suspende 1Game Outdoor 2017
Rory Oniell Dave Marks FC Suspended until his appears
Richard Deacon Morton Suspended until his appear
Jerome Goldson Imperial Strikers Suspended untils his appears
Sean Thomas The Herbal Cowboys 1 Game# Herbal Cowboys vs Pure Class on March 27 2017
Colm Murphy FC Torinos Suspended for all soccer activities
Jae Yeol Park TSC United II first 4 games on Outdoor Season 2017
James CLarke Dave Marks FC Suspended First 2 games Outdoor Season 2017
Josh Bennett Maccabi Game# Maccabi vs Real Nomads on May 23 2017
Tre Alexander Victoria Until his appears
Diego Padilla Melita SC Suspended until his appears
Michael Plateo United FC Suspended First 3 Games for Season 2017
Paul Motley Twente West II First 3 games Outdoor Season 2017
Alex Radin Toronto Gunners Suspended 1 Game in Outdoor Season 2017
Mihal Stan Victoria Suspended Until his appear
Krum Bibishkov Bulgarian Lions Semi finals Game# Bulgarians Lions vs Bravado on May 8 at 9pm
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Name Team Status/Comment
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Name Team Status/Comment
David Lowney Toronto Harps from Sep 21 to Aug 31 2017
Test Player 6th All Stars