Name Team Status/Comment
Brad Friedman RFC Game#RFC vs Euro United on July 08 2015
Danny Sbrocchi Etobicoke Blizzard 1 first Game Indoor 2016
John Monague Islington United Suspended Game#2058 and 1st Play off indoor game
Adrian Nadason Timothys Pub Game#2059 and 1st play off Game Indoor
Phillip Ruicci Timothys Pub Suspended Game#2059 and 1st play off Game Indoor
SeanThomas Herbal Cowboys Suspended Game#1100
Atur Domingues Islington United Suspended Game#2058 and 1st Play off Indoor Game
Conor Corboy QPI Suspended Game#QPI vs T.Slovenia on July 06 2015
Jonathan D'onofrio Salty Dawgs Game#Salty Dawgs vs Ac York on July 08 2015
Anthony Rico Bond Tech Suspended 1 game June 11 vs 68/ers
Aidan Sousa Murphy Toronto City FC Suspended Game# Toronto City vs Toronto Harps on July 04 2015
Jonathan Camacho Etobicoke Blizzard III Suspended Game Jul 2 vs Snack Menu Jul 7 vs Annex III Jul 14 vs Zeta
Mauricio Blazquez Etobicoke Blizzard Suspended Jul 2 vs Snack Menu July 7 vs Annex
David Le Prevost Euro FC Suspended Game#Euro vs Monterrey on July 06 2015
Kemal Kurt Bosnia FC Game#Bosnia vs TSC on July 10 2015
William Yates Twente West II Game#Ac York vs Twente West II
Matthew Santos Trojans FC Suspended Game:vs AC York 1984 on June 22.
Nick Brum Morton Suspended until his appears
Phillip Ruicci Dave Marks FC Suspended until his appears
Rory Oniell Dave Marks FC Suspended until his appears
Mounir Chiban Centennial FC Suspended Game#vs Zeta on June 24 2015
Birkan Dascilar Ballers 4 Games on June 14 vs Bosnia Jun 24 vs Hooligans of Toronto Jun 29 vs Euro FC Jul 9 vs Hooligans of Toronto
Desar Hysa Scar Bros Game# June 9th vs Victoria Game# United vs Euro United on June 18 2015
Brian Quinn Bizzos FC Game# Toronto Irish on June 24 and July 08.
Gabriel Gallucci Ballers Suspended Jun 24 vs Hooligans Jun 29 vs Euro FC
Ricardo Restrepo Etobicoke Blizzard Jun 24 vs Ac Solid Jul 3rd vs AC Chargers
Andrew Campbell Centennial FC 1 Game#Zeta vs Centennial on June 24 2105
O'Neil McDonald AC Chargers Game#Salty Dawgs vs Etobicoke Blizard Jr on July 3 2015
Jordan Sopha Herbal Cowboys Game#Herbal Cowboys vs Roots on July 06 2015
Upcoming Hearings
Name Team Status/Comment
Akil Younge-Oglivie Monterey FC July 07 2015
Nick Epishin TSC June 23 2015
Stefano Tino Salty Dawgs June 23 2015
Name Team Status/Comment
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