Dear TSSL Coaches, Players :

With the arrival (finally) of sunshine and seasonal (warmer) temperatures, it’s hard not to look upon our football (soccer) fields without a sense of longing, and a feeling of absence.

Visits have been made to Centennial Park, and the pitches look great….the grass is cut but

no markings, Picture is on our Facebook page.

We’ve faced many challenges and hardships in the 50 plus year history of the TSSL, delaying or impeding the start of a season, City strikes but nothing like this.  We are still hopeful and positive that there will be football this summer.

As per the guidelines of the City of Toronto, City of Mississauga, the Province of Ontario and the Ontario Soccer Association (even though we are not members), June 29th stillremains as the target date for a return to play.   However, as we all know, the situation can change and we search the news and various social media platforms daily for the latest updates.  Not only does the board search, but all of us football loving players do as well.

We will be fluid, flexible, and responsive to whatever scenario emerges.

We await, the return to play protocols that will be drafted and communicated by the Province of Ontario.  Safety will be paramount as to when and how we can begin to play.

We recognize that we are not isolated in facing these challenges.  All soccer leagues,hockey, baseball, basketball, lacrosse and many more sports and activities are deeply affected.  

Not only sport but all activities as well as life.

Community sports contribute greatly to the quality of life in our community.  Be it exercise, or beverages in a parking lot or by the pitch.  It is integral to our well being.

We look forward to returning to our fields this year.  We also look forward to having that post game thirst quencher.

Whenever we can update you, we shall.   Stay tuned to the website, Facebook or your email.

Be well.  See you on the pitch,


Board Of Directors

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